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Republican Select Candidates For November Town Elections


Pictured left to right: John Adams (Town Moderator); Eric Myers (Planning and Zoning Commission); William O’Leary (Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate); Sarah Thrall (Board of Education); Mark Neumann (Board of Selectmen); Mark Fiorentino (First Selectman); Donna Nolan (Board of Education); Dorcus Forsyth (Board of Assessment Appeals); Al Wilke (Board of Finance); Bob Lindeyer (Zoning Board of Appeals). Not pictured: Kelly Rome (Board of Selectmen); James Tsaptsinos (Board of Finance). 

At our caucus on July 22, Granby Republicans endorsed candidates for the Town elections on November 2, 2021. We will be neighbors working for and with neighbors and promise to:

  • Put the interests of Granby residents first. 

  • Above our own personal interests

  • Above party politics

  • We will be accessible, Granby-centered and fiscally responsible. 

First Selectman: Mark Fiorentino

Board of Selectmen: Mark Neumann

Board of Selectmen: Kelly Rome

Board of Education: Donna Nolan

Board of Education: Sarah Thrall

Board of Finance: James Tsaptsinos

Board of Finance: Al Wilke

Planning and Zoning Commission: Eric Myers

Zoning Board of Appeals: Bob Lindeyer

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: William O’Leary

Board of Assessment Appeals: Dorcus Forsyth

Town Moderator: John Adams

Stay tuned for individual profiles. We look forward to your support on November 2, 2021

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